The Takeaway

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There is a direct TOA-surface connection. There is a structure, a definite pattern, a specific geometry. There is a direct TOA-constraint on the clear-sky surface energy budget, and there is an LWCRE-modulated TOA-constraint on the all-sky surface energy budget. There is a given integer multiple pattern in the clear-sky fluxes and an LWCRE-modulated integer multiple pattern in the all-sky fluxes. None of them is a function of the atmospheric greenhouse gas content.

This is a different paradigm, coherent with the observed data, and self-consistent in its concept.

Did you think that the heat-trapping capacity of our atmosphere has increased substantially during the past two decades because of our continuously increasing CO2-emissions? You were wrong! The strength of the greenhouse effect, according to NASA satellite data, is exactly the same today as it was twenty years ago. Are you surprised? We are, too. But an even greater surprise is that, according to these observed data, the surface energy balance of the Earth, in the annual global mean, is strictly connected to and regulated by the available incoming energy to the climate system, and shows no dependence on the greenhouse gas content of the atmosphere. In experts’ terminology, the surface energy budget is determined by the energy flows (fluxes) at top-of-the-atmosphere (TOA), and not by the composition of the atmosphere. This is neither ideology nor theory, but measurement: our Blue Marble maintains a crystal-clear internal energy flow structure, with predetermined ratios and relationships between the separate energy flow routes and pathways. We cannot distort this structure by changing the amount of this or that trace gas constituent: data show that the system is amazingly strict and stable, with slight vibrations ('fluctuations') around its steady state.


Incoming Solar Radiation, ISR = 340.0 W/m2
Reflected Solar Radiation, RSR = 99.6 W/m2
Absorbed Solar Radiation, ASR = 240.4 W/m2

ASR/ISR = 240.4/340.0 = 0.7071
= sin 45

albedo = RSR/ISR = 1 - sin 45 = 1 - √2/2 = 0.29289


Image: Marble Earth
 Miklos Zagoni 2016
Earth photo credit: NASA