ASR absorbed solar radiation (= ISR – RSR)
α   albedo ( = RSR/ISR)
β cloud area fraction
CERES  Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System
CTS cooling to space (upward emission by the atmosphere)
DLR downward longwave radiation (downward emission by the atmosphere)
EBAF Energy Balanced And Filled
epplanetary emissivity  ( = OLR / ULW), same as the all-sky transfer function
εatmospheric opacity ( = LAA / ULW); 1 – ε = atmospheric transparency ( = STI / ULW)
f  transfer function ( = OLR / ULW)
g greenhouse function ( = G / ULW)
G greenhouse effect (= ULW – OLR)
IMB imbalance
ISR incoming solar radiation
LAA longwave radiation absorbed by the atmosphere (= ULW – STI)
LH latent heat
LWCRE longwave cloud radiative effect; the greenhouse effect of clouds
LWQ longwave cooling of the atmosphere (= ULW – DLR – OLR)
NSL net surface longwave radiation (= ULW – DLR)
OLR outgoing longwave radiation
RSR reflected solar radiation
SAA solar absorbed atmosphere
SAS solar absorbed surface (= ASR – SAA)
SH sensible heat
SFC surface
SRS solar reflected surface
STI  surface transmitted irradiance ("atmospheric window" radiation)
TOA top of the atmosphere
ULW upward longwave emission from the surface