Earth's Global Annual Mean Energy Budget

by Miklos Zagoni


CERES measurements show there are small integer ratios
in the global annual mean energy fluxes.

The differences from whole number multiples are
within the instrument calibration error of 4.2 W/m2.

It seems the Earth's global annual mean energy flow system
is built up from 'blocks' or 'bricks' or 'units' ... or 'quanta'.

One unit in the system is defined as UNIT = OLR(all-sky)/9.

The ratios have meaningful physical explanation
in the effectively IR-opaque atmospheric model;
see Presentations and Posters below.

The structure is neither a CERES observation artifact,
nor a coincidence: the integer ratios are proved to be valid by
independent detailed radiative transfer computations as well:

According to these ratios, the global energy budget is strictly constrained,
and the fundamental flux structures for clear-sky and all-sky are the followings:

All-sky integer table of fluxes:

Clear-sky integer table of fluxes:

Our results can be visualized by a simple geometric greenhouse model:
a planet surrounded by a 'glass-shell' atmosphere.

In this concept, the open atmospheric window is closed by
the blanketing effect of clouds, making Earth's atmosphere
effectively IR-opaque.

Let us emphasize that the validitity of our proposed conceptual model
is independent from the validity of the revealed arithmetic structures.



Fall 2017 CERES Science Team Meeting
Spring 2018 CERES Science Team Meeting


AGU 2017 Fall Meeting
EGU 2018 General Assembly Poster 1
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8th GEWEX Open Science Conference Poster 1
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American Meteorological Society 15th Conference on Cloud Physics/
15th Conference on Atmospheric Radiation

We think the CERES observation series can be regarded as
the quantum measurement of climate.

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